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If there is one thing I like more then the 90's, its a silk slip in the 90's. And if there is one thing I like more then a good photographer, it's a good photographer who shoots on film. So you can pretty much say that the latest collection & campaign is by far my favourite. We have kept WINSTON WOLFE going strong in the leather game. We have taken W by WINSTON WOLFE, and made it strong in the silk game. Put the two together, and we have some serious Sex on the Beach. Literally.When designing this collection of silk, all I could think was high splits, bare backs and boobs.  And I cannot thank my team enough... Brydie, you...

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WOW.  Where do we start? Do you like our new website?? If someone told us at the start that these things were such a head ache to get started , we would have thought twice about renewing it. In the end, we think it was worth it. There is some serious WW sweat, blood and tears in this beautiful thing, and we are proud to let it go live for all to see (AND SHOP). Launching the new site, we have also launched our new Fall 14 collection along with introducing you all to W by Winston Wolfe, which is all of those sexy furs you guys have been seeing. Our SS15 collection, W by Winston Wolfe will be carrying silks too....

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